Will we get snow this Christmas?

Snow at Christmas is traditional isn’t it? We’ve linked the two since the Victorian times when it amused Queen Victoria to adopt some of the customs Prince Albert brought over from Germany.

But it was Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ in 1843 that really ensured the two would be linked in our psyches forever.

Many festive greeting cards since the mid-19th century have also connected them. Our image of Christmas is invariably dusted with the white stuff and we’ll all be sledging, tobogganing and building a snowman.

But when has the snow ever really been ‘deep and crisp and even’? Those older carols are referring back to the mid-14th to mid-19th century when the expansion of the polar caps regularly caused the Thames to freeze over.

Around a million pounds is bet every year on the likelihood of snow falling on December 25, despite the fact that, on average, it happens just once a decade.

For the bookies to pay out just one snowflake needs to fall on the roof of the BBC weather centre in London on the day.

Our 21st century weather patterns are less likely to bring snow in December as we’re having warmer wetter winters generally, but there’s always some chance of snow in January or February. Remember what happened earlier this year. We even had snow here on the coast in Westward Ho!

So, if you’re looking for somewhere to stay that delivers both a stunning wintery outlook and a beach on your doorstep, get in touch today and book a break in January or February.

We can’t promise snow but we’re sure the views from our properties will be enough to keep you amused!

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